We are a family living in beautiful Victoria BC Canada. The life and health we enjoy is with deep appreciation for the abundance the earth provides and the nourishment drawn from it. We believe that our bodies were designed to heal themselves and that nature was designed to support life. Our appreciation moves us to source natural solutions to common hair and skin problems through use of all-natural, botanical oils – oils derived from plants whose properties have been known for millenniums to nurture and assist the body’s cells do what they are designed to do.


We love to keep it simple


Only 100% botanical plant extracts. Nothing unnecessary. Each oil was chosen for its unique properties to restore, protect, and repair. No chemicals, no synthetics. Processed with individual care in small batches to ensure its efficacy


The application of the oils is designed in such a way that the product stays free of potential contamination while delivering the goodness in the most efficient way. With use of an applicator tip, it seals to prevent oxidation from the air while delivering the oils exactly to the areas you need.


Today it’s difficult to sort through the endless stream of information. Like our product delivery system, we deliver to you only information you need, avoiding redundancy. Therefore, the information you receive from us will be relevant and current.