beard care

Whether you’re just starting to grow a little scruff or you’re already sporting a beard that would make a lumberjack envious, proper beard care is crucial to beard health and its appearance. With either a long or short beard, you give off a rugged, masculine vibe while providing your face an extra layer of protection from the elements. Since they do, however, require a bit of care to maintain, following our simple three-step routine will keep your beard looking and feeling great.


Cleansing: The First Step in Beard Care

Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs regular cleaning for optimal beard health and to look its best, particularly because beards can be magnets for crumbs and dirt, creating a breeding ground for unseen bacteria.  A shampoo or facial scrub will get the job done, just be sure to use a mild product as harsher ones can be rough on your skin, causing itching and rash. Simply apply a moderate amount and give your beard a good, thorough scrub. Be sure to rinse well.


Conditioning : The Moisture Your Beard Needs

As you’ve probably figured out, your beard hairs are rougher and tougher than the ones on the top of your head. To tame them, conditioning needs to be a key component of your grooming routine. You can use a normal conditioner but since that simply coats each strand with a temporary barrier and your facial hairs are particularly coarse, it will be far less effective than when used elsewhere.

A better option is to infuse each hair with the nutrients of Vitamin E and Omegas 6 and 9 that work overtime to soften the hair, while soothing irritated skin, reducing inflammation, adding moisture and relieving any itching that comes from dryness. For the best quality ingredients for your beard care, check out the super multi-tasker FACE for Him: a ‘dry oil’ that is one product for your busy daily routine.

The best time to apply oil to your beard is after a warm shower, when your facial hair is clean and soft and your pores are open. Just be sure to thoroughly pat your face dry because, if your beard is still wet, the water will form a barrier that inhibits absorption of all the goodness found in the oil.

To apply, place a few drops of oil in your hand (a little goes a long way and you can always use a bit more if necessary) and spread it evenly amongst your palms and fingers. Then, starting at the top of your beard, run your hands along the sides of your beard and under your jawline. After you’ve made a few passes, run your fingers through your beard, starting from the bottom up. Follow this same pattern for your mustache, using just your fingertips. This technique will ensure the oil is evenly distributed, coating your beard’s hairs from base to tip.

Did you know? The natural ingredients in the FACE for Him Beard Oil also benefit the rest of your face. The oils naturally relieve skin conditions, moisturize dry skin, balance out oily areas, increase collagen production (which decreases with age, regardless of our gender) and gives your skin a healthy, youthful appearance.


Brushing/Combing: The Benefits of a well cared for Beard

Finishing your routine by gently combing or brushing your beard not only contributes to true beard care, but it gives your beard that clean, well-put-together look and trains your facial hair to grow in a specific direction. This limits your beard’s ability to irritate you and increases the welcomed closeness you are about to experience.  Oh, and it feels pretty darn good, too.