We love Jojoba Oil. It works so well for our skin that we love telling people about the wonderful properties it harnesses.  Here’s the thing though, we’re not being completely honest when we talk about jojoba oil. It’s not even an oil, technically speaking. Jojoba Oil is technically a liquid wax ester. Wow, that feels good to get off our chest.

Here are some more interesting things to know about Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba Oil Saved The Whales

In 1971 the United States placed a ban on importing whale oil. At the time, whale oil was widely used in the cosmetics industry. When supply of whale oil began to dry up, cosmetics research stumbled upon the jojoba plant and quickly realized that it was “in many regards superior to sperm oil for cosmetic applications”.

You Can Eat Jojoba Oil (But Don’t)

Jojoba oil is a very safe ingredient skin product to use. You can use it as a natural lip balm if you want to, and you never need to worry about whether or not it’s toxic. Jojoba oil is completely edible. There is a catch though. Just because you can eat it doesn’t mean it’s any good for replacing olive oil in our next recipe. Jojoba oil is non-caloric, and non-digestible. This means it won’t give our bodies any nutrition from inside the body through the digestion process. It will just exit the body exactly as it entered. Not the sort of thing you want to grease a cookie sheet with.

Jojoba Oil Might Drive You To Work Someday

The whales were one thing, but Jojoba seems to want to save humans as well. Research has been done to see whether Jojoba may be suitable as a bio-fuel to replace petroleum. The idea sounds like a great one, since it would make Jojoba a much more commonly cultivated plant, but we won’t hold our breath for now. Jojoba is native to Arizona, and the Northwest of Mexico. It doesn’t grow everywhere. Maybe enough to replace whale oil, but we need a few more plants before we can replace dinosaur oil.

Still, it’s exciting to think of a future where the same oil that keeps our skin young and healthy is the stuff that powers our vehicles. Flying cars maybe?