Natural Moisturizer

Body Oil – unscented


BODY oil

This exotic oil blend of Macadamia Nut, Tamanu, Baobab and Rosehip is pure luxury. Hand crafted to create a dry-oil feel, the properties of these
hydrating oils work hard to replenish youthful skin and stimulate collagen production. Never greasy,
you’ll enjoy the healthy sheen and silky texture, while deeper yet it improves elasticity, skin ailments, fine
lines and provides a boost of antioxidant protection, rich in omegas to stimulate cell renewal. Renew and
enhance your skin with 100% natural super oils. No other ingredient added except scent where noted.

  • Massage in liberally after your shower to your entire body.
  • Oils will absorb immediately.

Warning: Contains Nut Oils.


After showering/ bathing, use a small amount of BODY oil to cover the skin. Apply a few drops and gently massage over your entire body. No need to wait before applying foundation. Remember, less is more and this dry oil will deliver all its natural goodness as you sleep.

The oil is 100% natural, and safe to use on the entire body. Look at our Face for her oil for a natural moisturizer for the face.