RUUT Essentials Product Testimonials

Dry spots have disappeared

Review By Teya D., - Victoria, BC

I have never used a product for the face consistently before, and am getting such good results with the FACE for Her oil that I want to use it everyday because it works for me. My facial skin is so soft and the dry spots on my forehead disappear when I put it on. Also, my sweetie and I both really like the smell of it.

Product: The Best Oil For Her Face

5 Stars

Review By Brandy G., - Colwood, BC

Smells amazing. My skin feels so soft. I’ll definitely switch.

Product: The Best Oil For Her Face

Helps with my dry skin

Review By Avasta - Cobble Hill, BC

This will be my second bottle of RUUT essentials product, and I can assure you it will not be the last!
This product in particular is brilliant pre and post shave,
I believe it would work great for all skin types, but in my case i find that it helps with my dry skin!

and as an added bonus – it smells great

Product: The Best Oil For His Face

I really like the FACE Oil

Review By Michelle H., - Victoria, BC

My pores are definitely smaller and my skin is clearing up. I’m super happy! Thanks so much!! – Michelle H., Victoria

Product: The Best Oil For Her Face

Fantastic Product, Will Re-order!

Review By Jeremy B., - Victoria, BC

I’ve been using this product for over 6 weeks and I really like it. I frequently get dry skin around my chin and I haven’t had it since using this. I apply it after showering and shaving. I don’t grow a heavy beard but if you do, I could see applying the oil before shaving would be practical. After shaving, I wet my hands lightly, put a few drops of oil in my palm, rub together, and then smooth it over my face and hands. I found it goes on better if my hands are damp first. I love how it smells too! I’m very satisfied and we’ll be re-ordering the product for sure. Thanks!!

Product: The Best Oil For His Face

Excellent Product!

Review By Jeremy B., - Victoria, BC

My wife has been using this product for about 6 weeks now and just loves it! She puts it on after showering in the morning and again before bedtime. She really likes the subtle scent. Her face isn’t dry anymore and she says it smoother too. She likes it and will be re-ordering. Thanks so much!

Product: The Best Oil For Her Face

Honestly Amazed

Review By Karin C., - Victoria, BC

I am honestly amazed that the FACE oil doesn’t burn my skin because I have very sensitive skin. I have used it twice now and I feel like I do notice a difference in my skin. I didn’t look nearly as tired this morning and my skin tone looked quite a bit more even than usual. It also makes a great healer of chapped lips 🙂 I put it on my lips which have been chapped for days and your oil fixed me right up immediately.

Product: The Best Oil For Her Face

I’m so glad

Review By Kim V., - Victoria, BC

I have been using the face oil for women for several months and it has become an important part of my daily routine… my skin has started to look healthier and has minimized my wrinkles, yah!!! I’m so glad I was introduced to this product. I have started using oils in my daily life and this one is a “must”. Thank you also for making your website so user friendly and very informative. I will definitely let others know about this great natural product!

Product: The Best Oil For Her Face

Nice dry oil

Review By Kristine, K., - Victoria, BC

I’ve used other products where they tell you to wait a while before applying foundation. Who has time for that? I’ve been using FACE for women and I use it as my moisturizer, I don’t have to wait before putting on my makeup. And my skin glows without being at all greasy. I will reorder, thanks!

Product: The Best Oil For Her Face

New Hairs! *

Review By Scotty James

Been using HAIR for Him for 4 months. I started losing my hair fast 2 years ago and am so relieved that the hair loss has stopped. I can see the new hairs coming in are thicker and darker. Very pleased. Would recommend.


Product: How To Prevent Hair Loss